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10 Ways to get new clients for your marketing agency

It’s not always easy to stand out and compete with the big companies, but there are many different ways to get new business for your agency. 

Below is a list of tips that agencies could implement to grow their customer base and become more successful!

1. Find your niche

2. Build a website and social media presence

3. Write articles for popular publications in your field

4. Get involved with the community and attend events

5. Run social advertisements

6. Include case studies on your website

7. Ask for referrals from current clients

8. Start a YouTube channel

9. Partner With Other Businesses

10. Grow your email list and practice that follow up

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These tips will help any agency grow, whatever means of marketing they’re using to achieve this goal. Marketing success is all about hard work and innovation – the best agencies will find a way for them that works best. Read on to learn a bit more about each of these recommendations.

1. Find Your Niche

The first step is to become an authority in your field by finding the best niche for you and your agency. Finding your niche or target market will allow you to stand out among other companies since it will enable you to master a specific topic in marketing that you can then deliver to your clients. Then, put yourself out there! Attend conferences and events to network with like-minded individuals who share the same needs as you.

2. Build a Website and Social Media Presence

Your agency should have a strong website and a social media presence ( social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn are great places to start). These will help you establish yourself in the community and act as valuable tools for marketing. Share relevant content and valuable content that helps your ideal audience reach their goals while building trust with you. Inbound marketing and social media marketing are important pieces of the branding puzzle so make sure you spend time creating a content and social media strategy that helps you capture new customers and keeps your current customer base engaged.

3. Write Articles for Popular Publications in Your Field

Writing articles will allow your company to stay on top of the latest news in the field (how-tos, industry updates) while also positioning your team as experts in their niche. Writing for popular publications will make it easier to secure new clients who are looking for marketing agencies. While you are writing, go ahead and write content for your blog. Showcasing your expertise and what you and your agency specialize in can be a great selling point to prospective clients, plus it is excellent for search engine optimization. Another great benefit of writing a guest post or blog posts on other platforms and publications is it opens you up to a new target audience. 

4. Get Involved with the Community and Attend Events

Attend conferences, meet-ups, workshops, roundtables, etc., to connect with potential customers who share your marketing needs. These can also be valuable networking opportunities that will help you grow your company’s brand and reputation.

5. Run Social Advertisements

Using platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc., you can create advertisements that target your chosen audience. Adding Online advertising as well as Google Ads to your current strategy is especially effective if you target individuals or businesses that have visited your website or interacted with your content in the past. These ads can be great for both awareness and gaining new customers. Online ads can also help you recapture past clients and re-engage your current customer base. Consider running some on your social media platforms or focusing on specific events.

6. Include Case Studies on Your Website

A great way to show your expertise is by including case studies on your site. Case studies highlight campaigns that have been successful in the past. These can be powerful tools for gaining new business because they showcase what you can do and prove your capabilities. Not sure how to build a case study? Join the Baby Got Bot Insiders. We feature an excellent training by Michael Keenan, who does the case studies for companies like ManyChat and Shopify. Michael teaches his formula for writing case studies.

7. Ask for Referrals from Current Clients

When you have the chance, ask your current clients if anyone they know needs marketing services. By doing so, you can get your name out there among potential leads and increase your chances of landing new accounts. It also demonstrates how well you work together since you have had success in the past.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is an excellent platform for showcasing your expertise. While it can be intimidating to get started, once you have the right equipment and learn how to use editing software like iMovie or Final Cut Pro, it will become even easier to produce high-quality content that will attract prospective clients. The single best thing I did to help build my business and bring in high-quality, high-paying clients was to start my Baby Got Bot YouTube channel. 

9. Partner With Other Businesses

One of the best ways to generate new business for your agency is to partner with complementary businesses with similar customer bases. Partnering with other companies (aka Power Partners) allows you to put together a package deal that can provide a tremendous value for customers and increase revenue as a result. These partnerships can also be beneficial because they’ll help you connect with potential clients and build relationships with those you already have.

10. Build an email list and use auto-responder drip campaigns

Create a Mailing List and Email Autoresponder Series This is a great strategy that allows you to reach out to your current clients and people who have recently visited your site. Using an email service provider like MailChimp, create a simple autoresponder series that goes out on your selected schedule. Drip email campaigns will allow you to communicate with users interested in your content without being too spammy or intrusive. By providing some valuable tips or new information, you can develop a stronger relationship with them, eventually leading to new business opportunities.

You can also use email marketing services like Benchmark Email to reengage past customers and bring them back into the fold. This allows you to increase awareness for your company as a whole and build a more substantial customer base.

Remember that the fortune is in the follow-up. Most sales never take place because the salesperson gives up after the first attempt. Eighty percent of sales leads require five follow-ups after their initial contact, but only 8% of salespeople follow up this many times. ( This is why a good drip campaign and proper follow-up strategies are crucial to acquiring new clients for your agency. 

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Don’t forget to keep your current customers happy. It cost far less to keep a client than it does to acquire a new one. So keep an eye out on your customer churn rates, check-in with your customer service team and do your best to increase the customer lifetime value by increasing customer satisfaction. Happy clients mean more referrals, higher customer lifetime value (LTV), and lower marketing costs. Not sure how to retain more of your customers and decrease customer churn? Here are 4 customer retention strategies for you to try:

1. Offer More Value

If you’re not offering enough value to your existing customers, then you need to figure out what’s missing from your product/service offerings so you can add more value. You may find that there isn’t anything wrong with your products or services; rather, it could just be that your target audience doesn’t know about them yet. In which case, you should focus on educating your market segment through advertising, social media, etc., until they understand the benefits of using your product or services.

2. Listen to your customers

Finding out what your customers really want is important, yet most businesses are unable to do this effectively. You need to listen in order to learn about problems your users are having with existing products/services and what they’d love to see in the future.

3. Reward Your Customers

There’s no better way to retain your existing customers than by rewarding them for their business. You can reward them with discounts, loyalty programs, free gifts, and other perks. Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest impact!

4. Be Transparent

Transparency helps establish trust between you and your customers. When you share details about yourself and your brand, such as where you’re located, when you were founded, and what makes you different from competitors, you show that you care about your customers’ needs. And if you don’t provide transparency, potential customers won’t feel comfortable doing business with you either.

Business owners who implement these strategies will see an increase in website traffic, email opt-ins, and brand awareness which could ultimately lead to generating more revenue and bringing in new customers for the agency!

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to growing your business and making it more successful than ever before. If you’re looking for more guidance on how to bring in new clients, be sure to check out the Baby Got Bot Insiders. The program offers courses, live training, office hours, mentorship, mastermind, and coaching all in one place.

Do you have a favorite way to gain new clients? Please share in the comments below so others can give it a try!