Camp Chat

Level up your chat marketing agency at the first ever fall camp for marketing agencies in the chat space.

May 2022

Daily 9AM to 11AM PST

Via a private Zoom link

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  • 5 Days of Live Interactive Sessions
  • 70 Page Guide Book PDF
  • Session Recordings


Are you a marketing agency looking for new ways to grow your business?

Camp Chat is the best way to learn how to offer chat marketing services and Instagram automation. You’ll be able to level up your agency by offering these services, which are quickly becoming the future of marketing. With this 1 week camp, you will learn everything you need in order to get started with these platforms and provide them as an option for clients.

We know that it can be hard work getting into something new, but we also know that it pays off in the end! This fall camp for agencies will teach you what you need so that when someone comes asking about chat or Instagram automation, you'll have all the knowledge needed on hand.



Core Lessons


Page Guide





Day One


Best Practices

Day Two

Chat Automation Building for Messenger

Day Three

Pricing Strategies

Day Three

Client Acquisition and More

Day Four

Instagram Automation

Day Five

Other product & service offerings

to consider

Are You ready for Camp?

Camp Chat is the best way to level up your chat marketing skills and increase profits in just a week!

Kelly will teach you how to build a successful chat agency, create better bots, and more! You’ll also learn about compliance, pricing your services, building an agency, and messenger bots.

Sign up today before it's too late! This camp will be going down in October so don't miss out on this opportunity to get ahead in the industry. We'll see you at 2021 Camp Chat!


Kelly gives so much value and has a massive impact on our business. I highly recommend engaging with her to see how she can add value to your business!

Simon Napoli

Omri Blit

Very helpful and knowledgeable regarding all things Chatbot! I can't count the times Kelly's saved my skin, and time! Would I run into traffic blindfolded as long as Kelly were guiding me? Probably.

I've had the pleasure of having Kelly Noble Mirabella on the Lights, Camera, Live® show and her knowledge of chat marketing is incredible. She's able to take complex ideas and breaks them down into easy to follow steps that leaves you feeling empowered.

Stephanie Liu

Daniel Andrade

Kelly is always coming up with crazy unique tips and tricks for chatbots. Talk to her bot (it's so friendly) and watch a few videos. From the first video, you'll see why she has so many fans


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